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The UFO Experience is comprised of 6 concept albums. Drown Us Out is a track from the News Hour album:

Ron Dumas Group - The Ethereal Collection is a 11-track best of compilation from the years 1987-2006. Here is a 1987 track from the Hollywood Monastery Sessions.

Here is Episode 2 of Night Shift - Album Classics: Universal Radio. And Episode 8 - Transmitter 1997 - Remastered.

Nearly the entire dumas catalog has been remastered The Best of the Nineties is no longer the album Running For Love; it is the album City of Lost Control. Stranger is cut to a 35 minute masterwork. And the Sailor and the Whale are now a single opus.

Dumas: Under Reconstruction is a documentary about the dumas acoustic side project. The film captures an unamplified performance circa 2005. 

A track from the latest dumas albums "It Boy", "Pitwand" and "City Of Lost Control"; as well as sample tracks from each dumas album can be heard at the dumas discography.

dumas disco

The dumas music archives features streaming audio. Currently, a live version from 1998 of Universal Radio, a dumas song covered by
Nina Hagen in 1985.

dumas music archives



The newest sounds from Ron Dumas can be heard at:

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