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This space is the dumas cinema boutique. Now featuring electronica - soundtrack music from the 1985 film - Love Inc. And, Frankenstein Again recorded in 1985, which was the first video for Dumas & the Attack Group. Plus, Soundtrack music from the Dan Carbone experimental film, King Me. Then, the original 1987 version of Hollywood Dream from the dumas - Reconstruction video.

Love Still Life 85

Love Symphony 85

Frankenstein Again

King Me

Lost In A Hollywood Dream

One of the last Dumas performances was documented in a 2003 Rockumentary. The Rockumentary is part of the Ron Dumas produced Night Shift series now on Vimeo below or as a 30 minute Windows Media Viewer file at the link below.

Dumas - The Rockumentary Click Here

windows media player

This space is the dumas music archives. Currently featuring Birth Of Splendor from the 1987 recording Monastery Blues. And from Stranger Redux the 1989 version of  Holding Out For Anna. Then, Everything Is Taken Away written in Spanish Harlem 1986 recorded live from the Pyramid Club, nyc 1-25-94. And then, Slow Wars, a 2006 recording from the Ultra Magique album.

birth of splendor

Holding Out For Anna

Everything Is Taken Away

Slow Wars

Universal Radio Mercury Lounge 1998

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