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Selected Writings From Collected Poems 1992-2002


Ron Dumas

(Written 1995-2002, Completed 9/15/02)

Belvedere Epilogue (New York City 1995)

This is the place that I am
Far in space
I will be dammed
I run through
The sand
And meet the man
At the door. Where in the
Course of a decade of
Minor illusions. Hiding
A brain - in the mystique
Violated all around
Without those cruel
Limits - Where there
Was the demand
Where was the diamond?
That is dreamland
There is no fear, but clouds
Of uncertainty. I wasted
A good deal of time and
Money, and no bother to
Claim. What is to be taken
In case of a feel good
Awe Annas awe
Cold collective feeling
Of disarray -
Confusion. Hence, the falling
Tower struck gold

But that was just a
Forewarning - Cold
Collective. Sense a
Full sense of real
I. Obtained in the
Lesser degrees
What seize of
Reason obtained
In born innocent
Wild tears of
Brutal fears
And that lost
Never obtained
Of those who lame
Who can not find the drain
I am obsessed
With the transference
And where it meets
The symbol
For. In the mundane
Sense. Of tedious solutions
This transference
In endemic. Of
A loss of spiritual
Meaning. I am off-course,
And liberated in an ideology
Of pain and suffering
Tremendous resolve
In disclosure
New composition
In the studio audience
Last betrayal
You will never be on
My show
Son of victim
Of torture
Your soul
Is disclosure
Statement of
Of trust
I trusted you
I never removed
You from my sight
And though it seems like
Night. You must find
Your own light - to guide
You through the
Darkest corridors
Of fears. And feelings
Of betrayal. And
Loss. And so much
Fear. And wasted
Energy on claiming
Towards the magistrate
Some hardship unrelievable
In full disclosure. Please
Surrender - Or claim
That insistent. How do
I persist - In this
Instance. There are no clear
Directions to take. There are
Days and nights - On preconceived
Notions - Of
Isolation - And direct
Disharmonious discord -
And acquisitions are
Seldom redeemable - In that
Sense. My hard deprivation
Leaves me vacant mostly
Betrayer. Sowing the
Seeds of discord
And. There was
A drop. And
Like holding on to
A cliff. Just to be alive
And I swear. I will
Beat the buggers out of
Myself. Till I am blue
In the face - Until I
Remember. The year fades
Every minute. And
It should not clock you
Out - To the moon. Monk
Fell into flat depression. Could not
Seize the moment
And cannot try to
Relieve what has
Already been accumulated

Ode to Mars (New York City 1995)

We gravitate towards
And berate
you so jealous is lust
In queer heathen anxious
We pretend so nicely
Doing the chores others do
Then we gravitate
We gravitate
Towards them
Cause naturally
Where you wanna be
When everything
Come falling Everything
On Falling On Everything
Bereft of the nature that way
So please be polite and repay
Or we will not have to ask you nicely next time

Let me explain...
Doctor reexamines
Himself. So quiet in clear
Destination self realization
and what it means to me
you are clear explanations
No longer just a part of me
But a real key to future
Salvation - Ultimate reality
How was that? And he
Go off the ladder. Took a
Cane to a wall
Offering ultimate panacea
And I will cure you besides
Of any lichen or
Anomies. And other
Future ailments. So
Let it be secure in that
Of sound of which planet
But clearly Jupiter is just on the horizon

Oh Conquistador (New York City 1996)

Wall breaks down
Solid sound. Resound
Remove your obstacles
Abound of stitches
So endless otherwise
Chill and be reborn
Mercy destination
So quiet inside
Mercy is way
Outside. Betrayed
Whisper destinies
Cross pollute; Then
We will decide. Please remove
Your obstacles - the pump
Will not stop and you are
Still skilled. You just cannot
Leave. You are now quite gone
Suppress yourself. You
Meant no harm
Oh my Conquistador
I remember you
Like no sunshine
On vain Saturn
Squirm at my acquaintance
Now or have
I remember you
Like no other
In Saturnine grace
Of Destination
So no other
Can ever have
Or decide
Destination in time
Oh Conquistador
Destruction so desolates you
So we become like you
In choked clear barbecue
So revolts at the stakes
Oh Conquistador

Storm Acid (New York City 1997)

We need your
Yellow now
Where would
We be rest-set
We need your
Filthy migraine orgies
And breathless entendus
We responded
To melodies
Then awake
We rested
And conspired
We breed
Rest-set. Awake
All your misunderstanding
Of other religions
Retired in some
Yellow oxygen tent
I wore glasses
And pretended not to notice, to
Not be involved. the scenery oh
Most dazzling. Beside
The time swell approaching
My zenith of takeover time
Decide and leave behind
And hide or leave
Behind, and still in that
Most contained. Of victimless
Besides responder pretender
Concede to conception and
Then reapproach that zenith
And you are like
Rotated redirected
Cause these side ward glances
Cause this direction. The misdirection
At the station and feeling a response
Then there could only be
That other realization
Of how little time there is
As to be rotated
Redirected rooted
Betrothed or conceded
The coach stepped in
And tried to break up
A fight. That is my wedding
And that origin decided
A way upon return of
The mass orgies. In pretend
Outside. So collapse in
That anxious tension. And
Decide to be late - or never
Forgiven. In time and
Messed up and forgiven but
Never entitled to any
Bigamy or mortification
Or desecration of beauty
Or pretender outsider
Or concede concept
Most mellow entitler
Could not conceal her
And felt derangement
Proceed and maintain
Rooted in pre most anxious
Responded to the Sargent beware
Mass multiplier potentiality
Meter - rare instinct
Rare a raw in stylee
Concede rapid breed
Unto last
Mass opening
I sense rater
X rater
Your protector
Fell out of the door

Lament For A Virgin Day (New York City Winter 2000)

Relinquish your pride
The heavens have shifted
TV is wisdom
Misaligned powers in nuclear showers
Nuclear shadows in lines on the sidewalk
Pre-emptive post-operative actions
The Sheikh in masterpiece garb
A camel for your spine
Maladjustment of yearning
Factored in from a young age
Malignant force of pride
At that time it predicted adaptation
The half moon reminded of that time
Where are the men on the moon
An echo in transcendence of the time
Cool wind respined sublime
Move on the silence forever
Turning away from the light
Came with a price
A father in thought and
I could not read thoughts
Or is that hindered in progress
At last an offer and
Suddenly it all falls apart
The shift was unwelcomed
And in his reflection a shadow
On flight towards Earth
His final journeys down
To brimstone fury
Injuries ignored
No understanding
Fewer choices
There are no futures somewhere
In his isolation he may one day fly again
Perhaps this final flight
Was like a memory of the last
Or the first Judgment

Frustrate (New York City Summer 2001)

Cause the trait is scarred
On the street. the stars
Because the times have changed
Running down the drain
Trait Trait Trait
Cause the trait is scarred
Revolution in the hour
Trait Trait Trait Trait
Trate Trate Trate
You are in seclusion
Create your illusion
Into your next realm
Paths you will not enter
Scream it is scare passion
Measure the time passing
Rate Rate Rate
Dead On Rats


Just tricks of the trade
Tricks of the Trade
Trade Trade
Traitor Traitor
Because the trait is scarred

Decimation Avenue (New York City 9/11/02)

Decimation Avenue
Village to explore
Minds reveal
Post quake hacienda
Mutual Maha merriment
Tonic on the rocks solution
Post industrial. Chemical
Dependency. Mind set
Real deal is out there
Probably a rushed affair
Distributed on the analytical
Core informed of
All the creations
Mundane and provelessness
Memorliness and possibilities
A marriage postponed
Indefinitely. Please pull
More often
Out there recovered
Was it in discovery
Light science intellgensia
Minute particle of interest
All the bars raised
Two inches off of the ground
An admirer with concave features
Misunderstood omnipresence
Pure light recovered

ron dumas 2007, all rights reserved